GamerskyGames' Services, Chinese videogame publisher and portal

Gamersky is the leading video game publisher/media in China. We provide overseas partners with funding, PR service, marketing support, and everything needed to make a game successful in China.

GamerskyGames' Services, Chinese videogame publisher and portal
Game Publishing
Our business and services cover Greater China, which includes Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
Public Relations and Marketing
We will create a comprehensive marketing strategy for your game so that it not only gets greater exposure, but also gets exposure where it matters and meets those who truly appreciate it.
Localization Services
We will provide translation services that are better suited for Chinese players and Chinese culture. and build the official Chinese website for the game.  We will execute the work, and all you have to do is supply the materials.
Funding and Support
To make the process of developing games easier for you, we will offer the necessary financial and technical support.
Local Legal Services

Overseas Software Copyright application

Trademark Application


Player Community
Gamersky is dedicated to building an active and vibrant community for gamers, and we have a sizable community of seasoned players who possess the ability and passion to grant useful feedback to developers.
We are ready to give independent developers free consultations.
We are willing to answer all questions about distribution,marketing and the Chinese market
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