GamerskyGames' Contact information, Chinese videogame publisher and portal

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GamerskyGames' Contact information, Chinese videogame publisher and portal
We are always ready to communicate with you for key application, press cooperation etc.!
We are happy to communicate with you!
Publishing Cooperation
Jianan Shi
Head of the Marketing Department
Indecently crazy about Assassin's Creed and working out too much. Also, a Tier 0 marketing/social media expert in China with successful cases like PUBG Mobile, QQ Speed, Call of Duty series, Samurai Showdown series, and Dragon Ball series.
Diyang Zhang
Head of the Media & Public Relations Department
Fanboy of Monster Hunter, Halo, and Soul series (but not actually very good at them). One of the most famous video game journalists in China and an expert in public relationships. Responsible for more than a dozen of 3A titles online publication and PR maintenance in China.
Jian Liang
Head of the Publishing Department
Simulator lover and holder of many top titles in many fantasy kingdoms.10 years in the video game business and an expert in content marketing/ community building. Helped a long list of successful development teams to reach their full potential and then some.
Brandon Zhang
Vice President & Head of the QA Department
All-genre lover and self-proclaimed grandmaster of FTG. 30 years as a gamer and 15 years as a practitioner of the video game industry. Expert in Integrated marketing, served more than 40 world-renowned brands/titles, and planning to do more. His superpower is very very nice.
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